Benefiting the DYC Junior Program

July 21, 2018
1:00pm or 2:00pm registration open
1:30pm Dealer boats to stations.
2:00pm Players Meeting
2:30pm Players set off to Dealer marks (DYC/Marina boats available to take passengers. Multiple trips are available. (Sailboat est. 15, powerboat est. 6)
3:00-5:00pm Dart Toss available.
5:30pm Deadline for all envelops are to be turned in for scoring.
1:00-8:00pm PA music (possible DJ or band.)
6:00pm DYC Presentation
6:15pm DYC Junior Presentation
6:30pm Junior fundraising
7:00pm All scorecards to be turned in for final tally.
7:30pm Awards
8:00pm Conclusion.

Scorecard Points System
1. No pair, no sequence 7pts.
2. One pair, 20pts
3. Two Pairs 40pts
4. Three of a Kind 60pts
5. Straight 80pts
6. Flush 100pts
7. Full House 125pts
8. Four of a Kind 150pts
9. Straight Flush 200pts
$1.00 = 1pt for all beer donations or general donations

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