What is CruiserFest?

Organized to bring together the boating, paddle and general community to support one of Summit County’s most fun activities on Lake Dillon, The Dillon Junior Sailing Club. A poker boat or paddle event is organized where participants, usually using sailboats, power boats and paddle boards, must visit a four check points, drawing a playing card at each one. The object is to have the best poker hand at the end of the event.  In the classic game of poker, each player is dealt five cards and the person with the best hand wins. 

Pair this with a yacht or SUP and you’ve got poker boats/boards. The event has a time limit; however the participants are not timed.  We will have a starting time and an ending time. Winning is purely a matter of chance. To add the element of skill, the last and final card is determined by throwing a dart and a board covered with cards. Whichever the dart hits is your final card. 


Now how does it work??

Each participant pays an entry fee ($10.00) to receive a poker card and score card. When the boat/board the participant is on passes one of the checkpoints, a card is delivered via envelop, opened back on shore and marked on their scorecard. This applies to all participants on poker boards and poker boats. They now move on to the next checkpoint to receive their second card. This is repeated until the scorecard is full. Participants do not have to visit all checkpoints and can play the amount of cards they have or they can purchase the remaining cards at the DYC to fill out their hand. If a duplicate card is drawn, a second card will be drawn free of charge. 

For paddleboards, the concept is the same but we would use different checkpoints. A checkpoint might be at the end of H Dock, A Dock, Amphitheater Dock and over at the meadow at Robert’s Tunnel, etc. 

After participants have returned to shore, they are greeted with music and food. The professional judging staff will tally up the scorecards and determine the overall winning hand. For every action the participant does, the more points are awarded. For Example: A Royal Flush is 50 points, a Straight Flush is 40 points. Beer is free but encourage donations. One point for every dollar donated.


Event Details

Charity: Dillon Junior Sailing

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Safety, Fun, Building Confidence & Sailing Skills

The Dillon Yacht Club Junior Sailing Program was started in 2005 with only 3 boats and goal of promoting and growing junior sailing in the mountains. It has grown to an amazing summer sailing camp that caters to over 120 kids and growing from June to late August. We cater to ages 10-17 of all levels, including our DYC Junior Race Team. Dillon Junior Sailing is located at the Dillon Marina on beautiful Dillon Reservoir.

Our goal of introducing children to sailing helps to build lifelong friendships and memories. We do this by teaching the love of sailing in a safe and fun environment. We hope that if a student loves sailing they will continue on with this wonderful sport for a long time to come. Our primary focus includes safety on the water, creating a fun learning experience, building confidence, and developing sailing skills.


Organizing Authority:

The Dillon Yacht Club offers sailing, yacht racing, entertainment, food and special events on beautiful Lake Dillon in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Located just west of the Continental Divide and surrounded by 13,000 ft peaks, you are guaranteed some very exciting sailing conditions. Because of this, Dillon sailors are known to be some of the best in the Rocky Mountain region.

One of the missions during the CruiserFest is to promote the DYC and attract potential new members to help further the advancement of the club. 


Preliminary Schedule:

July 21, 2018

12:00 noon Registration Opens

2:00pm Dealer’s Meeting

2:30pm Start of Poker Boating

3:00pm Start of Poker Boarding (music to start)

5:00pm End of Poker Boat and Boarding

5:00pm – 7:30pm beer sold, dart toss. 

5:00pm to 8:00 food and music. 

6:00pm DYC and Junior presentations and other activities. 

7:00pm Final tally of cards, points and awards presentation. 

8:00pm conclusion. 



Hosted at the Dillon Yacht Club. We have access to large scale BBQ’s for cooking food. We will utilize the DYC’s building and tent as much as possible incase of inclement weather. 

Merchandise:  The DYC will plan to sell the club’s merchandise and the charity’s merchandise.  This will create extra revenue for the event. The marina might want to consider having items for sale as a small side store. 

Awards: We might offer 1st place prize money at $300.00, $200.00 for 2nd and $100.00 for 3rd.  We will award for the oldest participants, youngest participant, worst poker hand, decorated boat/board, etc. 

Participants / Boats

Anyone and everyone can participate. Boat owners will probably invite friends, family or crew to be on board. Boat owners can sign up with organizing authority to take random participants if they would like. This allows the non-boat owner or crew to get on someone’s boat. Marina might donate a pontoon boat to take participants out on the water if all other boats are full. We will have access to DYC and Junior pontoons.