DYC Photos

We use Smug Mug as a depository for our club photos. We want to make sure everyone has the chance to view and download these pictures. You can simply download pictures you like, or use Smug Mug to order prints, products, or gifts with the image.  We have kept the prices for product orders SUPER LOW to make these AFFORDABLE. 

A few helpful hints for downloading Digital Images and purchasing Pictures, Merchandise:

Go to the DYC Smug Mug siteSelect the keywords at the top to see photos grouped by class or categorySelect the picSelect Buy This Photo (pull down above photoSelect Prints, Merchandise, or Download tab at top for various optionsAdd item(s) to cartSelect "return to photos" or "checkout"When ready to checkout, select cart and enter payment infoYour purchases will be sent to you in 6-10 days (unless you pay for quicker) 


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